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The Sweary Affirmation Shop

The Sweary Affirmation Shop - Custom Sweary Affirmation Deck

The Sweary Affirmation Shop - Custom Sweary Affirmation Deck

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Custom Sweary Affirmation Deck

These mature, yet wildly inspiring, affirmation cards are the perfect pick me up gift for a loved one or friend who just doesn't give a f*ck about lame and cringey motivational quotes.
If you know someone, even yourself, who needs a cuss-induced boost then these are the encouragement cards for you.

Pack contains 36 cards to kickstart your day right in the balls!
Packaged in a black gift box that can be customised with the recipients name.
These cards are roughly the size of a credit card and so are portable and fit snuggly in most wallets or purses.

Contains a variety of swear words that may be more offensive in certain countries.
All quotes are gender neutral so perfect for everyone....well, maybe not your republican granny!!

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