About Us - Who the F**k is TSAS?

Hello, sassy souls and mischief makers! Welcome to our rebellious corner of the internet, the perfect home for those who prefer their self-help with a side of sarcasm and a pinch of profanity.

I'm Kirsty, the one-woman show behind this operation. Here's a bit about me: I'm an oracle of offbeat affirmations, a tarot card trickster, and a firm believer in the power of a good laugh.

The journey began when I realized traditional self-help methods had a habit of taking themselves way too seriously. For me, and for many of you, humor, sarcasm, and a little bit of swearing are far more therapeutic than any solemn sermon. Hence, this delightfully irreverent business was born.

Our cards aren't just paper and ink, they are unique personalities - snarky, audacious, and unapologetically funny. We're all about making the mystic accessible, turning the spiritual into something laughably light-hearted. The world of personal growth shouldn't be shrouded in stoic seriousness—it should be brimming with humor, and the occasional F-bomb.

In the spirit of authenticity, our products are crafted with love, laughter, and a little bit of rebellious flair. Made for the jesters and jokers who are on their journey of personal growth, but who prefer a bit of a roguish route. Whether you're looking for a tarot card with a tart retort or an oracle with a quirky quip, we've got something to make you smirk while you soul-search.

At The Sweary Affirmation Shop, we're about more than just selling cards—we're about creating a community that embraces the unconventional and the unorthodox. We believe that self-improvement doesn't have to be boring or by the book—it just has to be you. So if you're ready to chuckle your way to enlightenment, you're in the right place.

Welcome to our fun-loving, foul-mouthed family. Grab a card, pull up a chair, and let's start laughing at the absurdity of life together!