The Jellyfish Collection

The Jellyfish Collection

Want to explore the mysteries of the universe and discover your true self? Our cosmic Jellyfish Collection is calling your name.

Deck out your walls with trippy galaxy art prints featuring curated mantras to remind you how freaking awesome you are.

Grab our sassy affirmation cards and get ready to slay any challenge life throws your way. These empowering gems drop truth bombs with a side of sass.

In the mood to ponder existence? Our deep question cards dive into the meaning of life and reality. Perfect for sparking deep convos or solo journal seshs.

And when you need answers, our oracle cards gotchu. Pull a card and let the universe reveal your desires.

Plus more rad stuff like inspirational notecards and ephemera to send your soul on a discovery mission.

The Jellyfish Collection - helping you ride stellar vibes as you explore inner and outer space.

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