Let That Guilt Go

Let That Guilt Go

I wanted to talk about something I went through in university that I think a lot of you can relate to. Back when I was studying art and philosophy, ( I know right!) I was failing so bad in one of my classes. I'm talking epic fail, not even realising I wasn't doing enough, living in my own wee world.

I was really upset and felt like a total failure. I aslo felt so guilty that my parents had paid for me to stay locally to the uni and felt that I just hadn't 'worked hard enough'. I started questioning if I was even smart enough to be in university or if I should just drop out completely. I felt very lost and didn't know what to do.

After talking to my lecturer, I found out I had two options: I could either retake the class during the summer break, or quit altogether. Quitting felt like admitting defeat but I was so worn down at this point that I decided to quit, move back homw and try something else altogether.

I ended up deciding to go to college to study web development, which was completely different, but I felt like there was a good chance of getting a job afterwards and I did. By learning from my mistakes in the first go-around at uni, I was able to pass and even get awarded 'best student' in my college class, then I progressed to Uni, again for WebDevelopment/Computing, but it was super hard. I passed by the skin of my teeth and got a degree.
I had various jobs in IT and even got a really well paying one a few years down the line.

Since then I quit IT because I had a really strong desire to work for myself and covid really spurred me on to take the leap.

The moral of the story is that failure happens, and it's what you do after that really counts. If you're in a similar boat where you failed a class, or if you are just feeling kinda crappy right now, don't be too hard on yourself.
Reflect on what went wrong, if anything, then make a choice. You can weigh up options but don't get bogged down on choosing the 'right' choice. As long as you're moving forward, it's gonna be ok. You got this!
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