Get Your Mind Right with Tarot

Get Your Mind Right with Tarot

Hey badasses! Are you looking to get a little deep with self-love and tap into your higher self? Well let me direct you to the tarot deck - if you don't know much about them, these super mystical cards that have been around for centuries. Tarot cards can totally help you become more mindful and improve yourself. Let's get into it!

First things first, tarot cards aren't just for telling fortunes and predicting the future. You can actually use them for self reflection and personal growth. By focusing on the imagery of the cards, you tap into your intuitive side and really listen to your inner voice. Each card has symbolic meaning that connects with different aspects of your life. When you pull a card, it can reveal something about yourself that you may have not been fully aware of. Kinda trippy right? But so powerful!

Here's a simple exercise to try. Sit quietly with your tarot deck in a comfortable space. Before you pull a card, set an intention like "What do I need guidance with right now?" Take a few deep breaths to center yourself. When you're ready, choose a card. Really gaze at the imagery and colors on the card. How do you intuitively interpret the symbols and meaning of this card in relation to your intention? What is it trying to tell you?

You can find so many sites online that'll give you super in-depth meanings and explanations of all the cards, whether they show up 'upright' or 'reversed'.

The tarot isn't a fortune telling device - it's a tool to explore your subconscious mind and grow. Reflect on how the card's message applies to your life right now. Keep a journal to record your thoughts. You may be surprised what comes through!

Over time, working with tarot can make you more self-aware. The cards act as mirrors showing you new perspectives. You learn to trust your intuition and listen within. And who couldn't use more mindfulness in their life?

So if you're feeling stuck or need some life insights, grab a tarot deck and tap in today! Let those cards guide you to become your highest and best self.


Blessed Be,

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